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At Florida Engineering, we take pride in offering top-tier structural engineering solutions for both commercial and residential projects. Our services are designed to cater to projects of all sizes, ensuring every client receives the best in structural integrity and design.


  • Structural Engineering: Tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your residential project or commercial property.
  • Structural Redlines: Our experienced Engineers will "redline" or review the architectural drawings and send back to the client for the necessary updates.
  • Milestone Inspections & SIRS: Our Inspection Team can provide Milestone Inspections, Building Recertifications, and Structural Integrity Reserve Studies.
  • Peer Review: Comprehensive evaluation to assure the highest level of quality and safety.


Our firm is uniquely structured to ensure that your structural engineering project is designed and coordinated with the highest level of knowledge and experience.


Our team of over 20 Engineers and design professionals company-wide brings experience and dedication to meet any schedule requirement, ensuring your project progresses smoothly and efficiently.


  • Structural Design: Innovative and reliable designs for homes of all sizes.  We work with production builders and custom home builders.
  • Peer Review: Expert analysis to ensure designs meet all standards and regulations.
  • Energy Calculations: Enhancing your home's energy efficiency for sustainable living.


Structural Design

We offer customized structural design solutions specifically tailored to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of commercial properties. Our approach involves a detailed analysis of your project's requirements to create efficient, safe, and innovative structures.

Energy Calculations

Our energy calculation service is aimed at optimizing the energy efficiency of structures, reducing operational costs, and minimizing environmental impact. We employ advanced methods to assess and enhance the energy performance of buildings.

Milestone Inspections

To ensure the highest standards of quality and safety, our milestone inspections service is integral to our project management process. We conduct thorough inspections at key project phases to verify compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.