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Energy and Load Calculations

Energy and Load Calculations Package for Residential and Commercial Projects

At Florida Engineering, we specialize in providing comprehensive Energy and Load Calculations Packages tailored for both residential and commercial construction projects. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of today's building standards, our services are essential for general contractors, architects, and developers seeking to ensure their projects are not only compliant but also optimized for energy efficiency and performance.


  • Energy Efficiency Performance Card
  • Energy Efficiency Calculations per R405-2020
  • Comprehensive Mandatory Requirements Checklist
  • Equipment Sizing (S) and Load (J)
  • Blower Door Test Report for Air Leakage


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Energy Efficiency Performance Card

A detailed assessment providing a clear overview of the project's energy performance, crucial for benchmarking against energy efficiency standards and identifying potential enhancements.

Energy Efficiency Calculations per R405-2020

Tailored calculations aimed at meeting the R405-2020 requirements, our service facilitates the permit approval process by ensuring your project adheres to the latest in energy efficiency standards, applicable to both residential and commercial buildings.

Comprehensive Mandatory Requirements Checklist

A meticulously compiled checklist covering all mandatory energy efficiency requirements, this tool is invaluable for ensuring every aspect of your project is compliant and optimized for performance, streamlining the path to project approval.

Manual Calculations for Equipment Sizing (S) and Load (J)

Our precise manual calculations for HVAC equipment sizing (Manual S) and load (Manual J) are essential for determining the optimal specifications for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, ensuring efficiency, comfort, and durability across both residential and commercial properties.

Blower Door Test Report for Air Leakage

A detailed analysis from the blower door test, highlighting air leakage and offering insights into improving the building envelope's integrity. This report is pivotal for enhancing energy conservation measures in your project.

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Elevate Your Project with Expert Energy Calculations

Ensure your next residential or commercial construction project exceeds expectations in energy efficiency and compliance. Contact Florida Engineering LLC today to discover how our Energy and Load Calculations Package can streamline your permit approval process and set a new standard for building performance.