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Miami-Dade County Milestone Inspections & SIRS

What is a Milestone Inspection in Florida?

On May 26, 2022, a significant milestone was reached in building safety, thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis signing CS for CS for SB 154 (2023 Legislature), introduces several significant changes to Florida Statute 553.899.

This pivotal legislation mandates structural integrity assessments, known as Milestone Inspections, for condominiums and cooperative buildings 25 or 30 years old, with three or more stories. These vital inspections, performed by licensed architects or engineers, are crucial for ensuring the safety and structural integrity of buildings throughout Florida.

At Florida Engineering LLC, we're experts in Miami-Dade County Milestone Inspection. Our expansive network of seasoned, licensed engineers and architects across the state ensures your peace of mind through streamlined processes, quick turnaround, and strict compliance, no matter where you are in Florida. Trust us to be your reliable partner in navigating these essential safety requirements with expertise and efficiency.

Why is a Milestone Inspection in Miami-Dade County Important?

The Florida condo milestone inspection stands as a sentinel for safety and compliance. This inspection is instituted by the Florida Statutes section 553.899. It’s a rigorous inspection for buildings, especially condominiums and cooperatives that are three stories or higher.

Why is this important? It’s about the safety and durability of the structures Florida residents inhabit. These structures become susceptible to wear and tear with age, potentially compromising their structural integrity. This is especially important here in Florida with the harsh weather and tropical storms we are battered by yearly. That’s where the milestone inspection intervenes!

Based on the certificate of occupancy date, buildings are mandated to have their initial milestone inspection around the time they turn 30. And this isn't a one-time event, a subsequent inspection every 10 years ensures the building remains at its prime.

However, it's essential to note that not every structure in Florida needs this inspection. Single-family, two-family, or structures with three or fewer habitable stories above ground are exempt.

What's the Difference Between a Phase 1 and a Phase 2 Inspection?

Understanding the inspection process is crucial. The process is broken down into two distinct phases:

Phase 1: This is the primary line of defense. Licensed Florida engineers delve into a comprehensive visual examination of your building. Beyond just a cursory look, they assess both habitable and non-habitable areas, focusing on the building's backbone - its major structural components. The aim is to vouch for the building's structural soundness, ensuring it poses no risks to life or safety. But remember, it’s not about current building or fire safety codes. It’s about the overall health and stability of the structure. If all is well and there are no red flags, the inspection concludes here.

Phase 2: Think of this as the deep dive. Phase 2 is more intensive and only invoked if Phase 1 identifies substantial structural concerns. It involves potential tests that can be both non-destructive and destructive. This phase’s objective is to gauge the full scope of structural distress and create a roadmap for the necessary repairs.

What Happens After Your Inspection is Complete?

What comes after we finish your milestone inspection in Florida? After we've delved deep into the structures, assessing and analyzing, we share our findings.

Whether it’s the Phase 1 or the more intensive Phase 2, we provide a comprehensive, detailed report, bearing the seal and signature of our licensed Florida Engineer. 

This document offers insights into your building’s structural conditions and potential areas of concern.  And as per regulations, the association is also in the loop. A summary of our report can be shared with every condo unit owner. This collective approach ensures everyone is informed and aware, making the community a safer place.

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Why Choose Florida Engineering for a Miami-Dade County Milestone Inspections?

Milestone Inspections in Miami-Dade County

Our Miami-Dade County Services Include:

  • Miami: At the heart of the county, Miami’s diverse neighborhoods, from the trendy Design District to the historic Coconut Grove, receive our comprehensive inspection services, ensuring every property is up to par with safety and quality standards.

  • Miami Beach: Known for its Art Deco Historic District and luxurious waterfront properties, Miami Beach demands detailed inspections that consider both aesthetic and structural integrity. We’re here to ensure your piece of paradise is perfect inside and out.

  • Coral Gables: With its Mediterranean Revival architecture, Coral Gables properties benefit from our specialized approach to inspections, tailored to preserve the beauty and longevity of these historic homes.

  • Homestead: In the agricultural heartland of Homestead, our inspections help ensure that both residential and commercial properties withstand the unique environmental conditions of the area.

  • Doral: As one of the fastest-growing cities, Doral’s modern homes and business complexes are meticulously inspected by our team to meet contemporary standards and expectations.

  • Hialeah: Our services in Hialeah cover a wide range of properties, from industrial spaces to residential homes, all receiving thorough inspections to ensure safety and compliance.

  • North Miami: The diverse community of North Miami sees a blend of historic and new properties, each inspected with an eye for detail to ensure every building is safe and secure.

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