A Veteran Owned, Family Business

Over the past several years, we have been fortunate enough to establish ourselves as one of fastest growing engineering firms in the country!  Our firm is a family owned business that is raising the standard of service that you should expect from your engineer.

We specialize in providing structural and MEP engineering to a variety of clients, including architects, contractors, developers, owners, and more. Our goal is to be a valuable resource to every customer, exceeding his or her engineering needs on budget and ahead of schedule.

Our clients choose Florida Engineering because we deliver outstanding service, rapid turnaround times, and competitive pricing on every project.

Our Signing Engineers

Our signing engineers are licensed Professional Engineers who have the expertise and experience to ensure that your engineering documents meet the latest Building Codes and are properly signed and sealed.

Craig Gunderson, P.E.

Craig Gunderson is the President and Principal Professional Engineer at Florida Engineering LLC. With a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Florida State University, Craig brings extensive expertise to his role as the Engineer of Record for the Firm. He oversees all engineering operations, ensuring compliance with building codes, standards, and local guidelines.

Craig's diverse portfolio includes site-specific engineering for aluminum structures, steel, metal buildings, swimming pools, and composite wood and concrete structures. He reviews engineering plans to guarantee adherence to the latest building codes, including the 2020 Florida Building Code and the 2018 International Building Code. Collaborating closely with contractors, architects, reviewers, and homeowners, Craig ensures optimal design and functionality while meeting code requirements.

Craig's License Number is P.E. #60102. 

Kashish Vig, P.E.

Kashish is a highly driven Civil Engineer with expertise in Structural Engineering and a passion for innovative design methodologies. Kash holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Clemson University. He is currently licensed to practice in 8 states including Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas. Since joining Florida Engineering in 2018, Kashish has been a key contributor to the company's growth by playing a crucial role in our transition to the fast and accurate finite element design approach.

He has been a big part of our Firm in developing new products and technologies in the Aluminum industry, such as the Halo beam system, the Ultrascape system and the innovative Screen It Balcony Railing system, among many others. He has a passion for automation, he has developed numerous algorithms and methodologies streamlining the processes involved in drafting and structural design.

Kashish's License Number is P.E. #93529.

Tony Boumitri, P.E.

Tony Boumitri is a highly experienced Structural Engineer with over 35 years of expertise in design, inspection, and construction support. His extensive portfolio covers a diverse range of projects, from heavy industrial and commercial structures to residential homes. With a strong focus on quality and safety, Tony's skills encompass thresholds inspections, milestone inspections, and reserve studies.

As a registered Professional Engineer Special Inspector in multiple states, including Florida, Tony has proven his proficiency in upholding industry standards. He holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from Northwestern University. With a meticulous approach and a wealth of practical experience, Tony Boumitri consistently delivers superior results for all our clients.

Tony's License Number is P.E. #40578.

Florida Engineering LLC: Florida – Certificate of Authorization # 30782 | Qualified by Craig Gunderson, PE # 60102 • Alabama – Certificate of Authorization # CA-5540-E | Qualified by Craig Gunderson, PE # 29022-E